Samar Gantang

…I Gusti Putu Bawa, known as Samar Gantang on the Indonesian literary scene, has become famous for his Mantra-Chanting (›Modre‹), which is in the Balinese tradition, as well as for his spectacular performances. Recitation, prayer, and dialogues with the forces of good and evil are elements in his work. They mark his performances, even though they originally had not been intended for the stage. He is one of the most admired, spiritual personalities on his island where Gantang is considered a shaman and healer. His numerous short story collection and poetry books are composed in the Balinese and Indonesian languages. He has received some of the most important literary awards in his homeland. He appears daily in Balinese TV with brief segments that feature recitations. His appearance in Bremen marks his first performance in Europe.