Raphael Urweider
*1974, Bern, Switzerland

… made his debut with the collection of poetry ›Lichter in Menlo Park‹ (2000); ›Das Gegenteil von Fleisch‹ was published in 2003 and ›Alle deine Namen‹ in 2008. He received several awards for his poems, i.a. the ›Leonce-und-Lena-Prize‹ in 1999, the advancement award of the ›Bremen Literature Prize‹ in 2001, the ›3Sat-Prize‹ during the ›Days of German-Language Literature‹ in Klagenfurt in 2002, the ›Clemens-Brentano-Prize‹ in 2004, as well as the ›Schiller Prize‹ in 2008. Urweider writes theater pieces and was co-director of the Schlachthaus Theater in Bern. Ten years after his last collection of poetry, Raphael Urweider resurfaced with ›Wildern‹ (2018). In seven cycles, his poems observe the intermingling of things and are dedicated to cities, autobiographical experiences, and botany. Raphael Urweider lives in Bern.