Nikola Madzirov

… is a prominent poet in Macedonia and a cosmopolitan artist who maps out the world anew in his work with themes, such as home and homeland, childhood, as well as faith. He received the ›Studentski Zbor‹-Prize for best debut, his book ›Eingeschlossen in der Stadt‹ (1999). His book ›Premesten kamen‹ 2007) was awarded the ›Hubert Burda-Prize for Poetry‹ as well as the most important Macedonian poetry prize, the ›Miladinov Brothers‹. Adam Zagajewski once noted that »Madzirovˈs poetry is like expressionist painting: full of furious, energetic brush strokes. They seem to come from pure imagination to which they immediately seem to be returning to – like animals along the roadside that suddenly appear in the headlight of a car«. King‘s College, Cambridge, named him European Poet of the Year in 2016. He has also been a guest in the Berlin-based program for artists, sponsored by the DAAD.