FÖN – literary Pop-Collective

The Berlin-based writer Michael Ebmeyer, Tilman Rammstedt, Florian Werner, and the songwriter Bruno Franceschini collectively set text to music: poetry, short prose, and dialogues. Their texts gain their comedic effect by blending banality with pseudo-intellectuality. This type of comedy puts forth a revealing character. For the phraseology taken from everyday speech, from particles out of pop hits or film dialogues unveils its comic banality in this environment. FÖN shifts between literature and Pop. Sometimes they sing, but they mostly talk. They wrestle with words, they kick them around. This is accompanied by arrangements of pop, chanson, and jazz performed with piano, guitar, viola, trumpet, cobble stones, dried up biscuits, and things like that. FÖN bring together music and literature, sometimes the two then really like each other.

Michael Ebmeyer, born 1973 in Bonn, Germany

… since his first collection of short stories (›Henry Silber geht zu Ende‹) was published in 2001, he is a freelance writer and translates from the English, Spanish, and Catalan. In 2019, he published his novel ›Der Neuling ‹, which was made a film in 2012. At the eve of the 2014 soccer World Coup, he authored a non-fiction book on sports, ›Das Spiel mit Schwarz-Rot-Gold. Über Fußball und Flaggenfieber‹. He is among the ›Freitext‹ authors at Zeit Online since 2015. In 2016, he was a lecturer at the ›Schreiblabor‹ at the Literary House Hamburg, together with Mareike Krügel.

Bruno Franceschini, born 1975 in Rome, Italy

… studied philosophy and German literature at the universities of Tübingen and Berlin. He has been working as a professional musician, singer, and composer since 2007 in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Turkey. Whenever he is not performing with FÖN, he sings and performs at theaters of this world or puts German-Italian Pop-Chansons on the table with his band. His most recent projects, include ›L’anatra, la morte e il tulipano‹ (Casa Teatro Ragazzi, Turin), ›Kaputt! Eine freudige Entdeckung‹ (Theater der jungen Welt, Leipzig) und ›Nochmal!‹ (Fundustheater, Hamburg).

Tilman Rammstedt, bron 1975 in Bielefeld, Germany

… has received numerous awards for his books, such as his short story collection ›Erledigungen vor der Feier‹ or his novels ›Wir bleiben in der Nähe‹ and ›Der Kaiser von China‹. These awards include the ›Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize‹, ›Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff-Prize‹, and the ›Literaturpreis des Kulturkreises der Deutschen Wirtschaft‹. In 2016, another novel, entitled ›Morgen mehr‹, became available, for which he received the 2017 ›LiteraTour Nord‹ prize.

Florian Werner, born 1971 in Berlin, Germany

… is songwriter and musician in the group FÖN. He also writes narrative non-fiction and prose, plays soccer in the German National Team of Authors, lectures at various German universities, and works for radio broadcasters. Werner earned a PhD in 2006 with a dissertation on Hip Hop and apocalypse: ›Rapocalypse‹ (2007). His most recent publication is entitled, ›Schnecken. Ein Portrait‹ (2015).