Charlotte Van den Broeck

… together with the Dutch writer Arnon Grünberg, Charlotte van den Broeck opened the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 by entering into a poetical dialogue. After studying linguistics and literature, she is now working on a degree in »Language Arts« at the Antwerp conservatory. In 2014, she published poetry in the magazine ›Het Liegend Konijn‹, followed by her debut ›Kameleonin 2015, which was considered to be one of the best debuts of that year. Her poetry is about human relationships, it passes through various landscapes, and negotiates the search for an identity, a female identity in particular. Van den Broeck does not only publish her work in printed form, but also performs her poetry on the stage. She believes this allows people to experience poetry more directly. In 2013, she was a finalist at the ›DichtSlamRap‹. And in 2016 she was awarded the ›Herman-de-Coninck-Prize‹ for her debut, ›Kameleon‹. Her most recent book is entitled ›Nachtroer‹ (2017).