Koleka Putuma
*1993, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

… with her subversive poetry, expresses the attitude towards life of a new generation of South African writers. In 2014, she won the ›National Poetry Slam Championship‹. In 2016, Putuma published the poem ›Water‹, which was awarded the ›PEN South Africa Student Writing Prize‹. In 2017, the poet and playwright debuted with the volume ›Collective Amnesia‹, with which she became a key figure in the young South African literature scene. With her poems standing in tradition of spoken word, Putuma dissects with knife-like sharpness and a keen eye the open heart of a nation that is far from overcoming the trauma of Apartheid. In 2019, she won the ›Distell National Playwright Competition‹. Koleka Putuma lives in Cape Town.